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Creating A New Referral

A school administrator or assistant principal may create a new referral by clicking the Create A Referral button. Click on the Search for a Student link to search for the student that you are creating the referral for. Once you click on this link a search screen will popup. Enter in any search criteria. For […]

Viewing Teacher Referrals

The DMS will allow teachers to create and submit referrals electronically. Once the teacher creates the referral electronically, the referral will be generated and sent to the Assistant Principals for review. Assistant Principals will review referrals at least once daily (or as often as needed). Assistant Principals have the option of accepting the referral as […]

Virtual Counselor Login

The Electronic Referral and Discipline Management System (DMS) are data entry tools created to assist school‐based administrators and teachers in entering and tracking student referrals. In addition, other school events such as incidents among staff members, school visitors and unknown incidents such as vandalism will be entered using the DMS. The Discipline Management System (DMS) […]